Who said healthy snacking can’t be done? By Chloe’ Rogers

Admit it, we all LOVE to eat! Food is embedded into our culture and we include it in everything we do— holidays, birthdays, social gatherings, etc. But what about the in-between times— the times when it is after breakfast, but not quite lunch? The times when we are really hungry, but do not want anything heavy to eat. Those times call for snacks, right? Absolutely! Snacks are great. They help to energize and fill us when we need it most; and contrary to popular belief, snacking is not unhealthy.  In actuality, snacking can be healthy, but the key is to snack with restraints and with the right kinds of foods. Just because you may feel like you can gobble down a king-sized bag of your favorite potato chips does not mean you should. There is no real equation or scientific method to determine when your body will want a snack, but there is a way for you prepare for the roaring of your tummy. If you are going to snack, here are a few tips to do it the right way or better yet, the healthy way!

  • Stay AWAY from the sugary food items. You know, those foods that give you instant gratification, but only for a short while. Examples of these would be sodas and candy.
  • Develop a LOVE relationship with fruits and vegetables. These items are usually very fulfilling and low in fat and calories.
  • Pack a healthy “snack attack bag” for your day. This will help you stay clear of giving into the vending machines and candy bowls.
  • Stay hydrated with water and other unsweetened, low-fat drinks.
  • Ask yourself,  “Am I really hungry or just bored?” Sometimes it’s not our bodies saying “I am hungry,” but rather our minds saying “Give me something to chew, so I can have something to do.”
  • Make healthy snacking a lifestyle. When you incorporate healthy snacking into your life and make it habit, you not only help yourself physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


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Chloe’ Rogers is southern Louisiana native who now resides in Dallas, Texas. She has a Bachelors of Science in Health Studies and a Masters Degree in Public Administration-Health Care Administration. She is currently enrolled at Texas Woman’s University and working on a doctoral degree in Health Studies with a focus on higher education and population health. Chloe loves running, cooking, baking, and is actively involved in her local church.